If you’re like many individuals, there is a likelihood that you have heard that organic foods are healthier to eat. This may have caught your attention. You might be searching for reasons why you should if you are unsure about making the switch to organic foods. One of the most common questions asked is why organic foods are better? Please keep reading on.

When it comes to growing organic foods, it is important to know that not just anyone can state the claim of producing and selling organic foods.  In Australia, to achieve organic certified status, it requires a minimum period of three years of verified conformance with the Standard A grade.  Upon receiving this certified status, growers can apply to use the Australian Certified Organic BUD Logo on the packaged products to display organic integrity.  Consumers are aware of the BUD labeling and choose products that adhere to this criteria, this certification helps to provide many comforts in knowing that the foods consumed are truly organic.

Non organic produce tend to have higher traces of pesticide residue compared to organically grown.  These chemicals are used to reduce the amount of insect, increase the speed of production to maintain adequate food supply.  Although the amount of chemical and pesticide residue are said to be used at levels that are considered safe, it is alarming that pesticides are chemicals that are toxic and manufactured to kill insects.  Ingesting toxic chemicals no matter how small the levels can be very concerning for anyone’s health and well-being, therefore it is important to reduce the exposure by:

  • Choose organic produce
  • Washing fruit and vegetables before consuming
  • Grow your own vegetable garden
  • Eat a variety of foods
  • Peel fruit and vegetable

It has also been strongly argued that the use of pesticides increase the risk of cancer.  Chemicals can trigger cancer by altering hormones, damage DNA and deactivating genes.  Pesticide exposure is increasing all around us and so is the number of children being diagnosed with cancer.  We must reduce the use of pesticide and find different ways to boost our food production safely.

Due to the nature of producing organic food, pesticides are removed from the equation resulting in products that retains its antioxidants. There is no negative disruption from chemicals and therefore allowing vitamins and nutritional contents to be maintained within.

When natural produces are grown with rich organic soil without additives to boost production, it results in a quality product that tastes better.  Organic food is often sold not far from where they are produced so are kept fresh rather than snap frozen and shipped.

Although there’s a range of benefits to choosing organic foods, many individuals are concerned with the price tag. Yes, organic food does cost more money, but many still consider it to be worth the cost. Some ask themselves if it is even possible to put a price tag on health.